How Does Penis Enlargement Patch Work?

Many years ago, the skin was seen as a barrier. Unless something punctured your skin and consequently creating a wound, you wouldn’t be at risk of hurting your body. Generally, people had the basic knowledge that the skin is just a barrier to keep the invaders at bay. However, this notion has been put aside as advancement in technology has discovered a new role that the skin can play. Today, people know better. Apart from acting as a protection barrier against harm, the skin is also considered a permeable layer via which chemicals are passed directly into the blood stream.

Are we reading from the same script? I am talking about the huge presence and uses of the transdermal technology. Nowadays, medical experts are using this technology to administer drugs to their patients. In recent years, patches are being used to deliver active ingredients of penis enlargement into the bloodstream. A good number of people have embraced this technology. However, some still question the mechanism behind penis enlargement patches. So, how do they work?

Understanding the skin basics

For you to have a clearer picture of the operations of penis enlargement patches, you must familiarise yourself with the skin fundamentals. Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of a human being? The first layer is the epidermis. This is the tangible part- the outermost layer. This layer consists of the stratum corneum that acts as the major barrier of skin against foreign substances. The penis enlargement patch usually adheres to the epidermis.

The second layer of the skin is known as the dermis. It contains a connective tissue which provides the skin with not only structure but also strength. It also has hair follicles and sweat glands. When you wear a patch, this part of the skin transmits the ingredients to the deepest and the third skin layer – the hypodermis. This third layer contains fat and additional connective tissue. This is where the veins reside. The veins are crucial in the transmission of ingredients from the penis enlargement patch to the blood stream.

A penis enlargement patch holds fast to the skin and delivers the active elements into the circulatory system. At times, although this is dependent on the decision of a manufacturer, the active ingredients are combined with substances such as alcohol to improve the capacity to infiltrate the skin. Further, the ingredients’ molecules must be sufficiently small for the logic behind the patch to work efficiently. As the skin layers absorb the active ingredients from the penis enlargement patches, they are absorbed via the veins into the blood stream. The blood then carries the components via the circulatory system and into the patient’s body.

The penis enlargement patches must be left on the skin for quite some time for the ingredients to be absorbed. While the instructions might defer between brands, the majority of patches requires being left on the skin for around 24 to 72 hours. After the elapse of the stipulated period, a fresh patch should adhere to the skin.

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