How Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

Today, almost every person (of course apart from kids) knows about Viagra, as well as its uses. The ‘magical pill’ as it’s known to many people exploded on the market a couple of years ago. Since then, manufacturers and marketers of similar products no longer shy away from advertising and availing their products to the general public. Televisions and magazines are filled with ads for pills claiming to enhance the sexual experience of a man and his partner.

Specifically, the popularity of male enhancement pills has hit the world by storm. Apparently, this new line of pharmaceuticals is among the hottest selling goodies in the $26 billion worth of the herbal supplement industry. One question looms, though: how do penis enlargement pills work? The majority of want to beconsumers desperately wish to understand how the products work.

How PE pills work

The theory behind how penis enlargement pills work is not rocket science. The majority of male enhancement pills are built upon the popular Traditional Chinese Medicine. Typically, these types of pills are made using formulations of carefully selected herbal ingredients. These are active components that have been in use for the longest time and are known to alleviate the problems of men suffering from erectile dysfunction and other sexual challenges.

The anatomy of the male member

Anything I write will not make sense if I don’t explain the anatomy of the male organ. Let’s have a look at it first. The cock consists of three chambers. Two of the chambers are referred to as corpora cavernosa and the other one is known as the corpus spongiosum. The latter is typically used only for urination and ejaculation. In that case, we focus our attention on the uses of corpora cavernosa.

When a man is sexually excited, the brain releases a hormone that sends blood to the penis. The tissue within the corpora cavernosa is filled to maximum capacity. The active ingredients in the penis enlargement pills work by increasing the flow of blood to the penis area. This means that the spongy tissue receives more blood than usual. Here is the deal; the size of every erection is usually determined by the maximum amount of blood that the erectile tissue can hold at any given time. If your chambers can accommodate more blood, this would translate to more powerful and lasting erections. The ingredients present in the penis enhancement pills improve the chambers to enable them to hold higher levels of blood. In turn, the penis becomes bigger when erect.

It doesn’t end here. Over time, with continued use of male enhancement pills, your symbol of masculinity gets accustomed to holding more blood. With the continuous stretching of the tissue, micro tears occur. Eventual multiplication, growth, and repair of the torn tissues causes the penis to become longer and thicker. However, patience must be practised for this goal to be actualised. It is never an overnight thing. Several months will elapse before you can begin to notice permanent changes to the size of your penis.

When all is said and done, not all penis enlargement pills will work in your favour. There are claims that some penis pills don’t deliver on their promises. It is, therefore, imperative that you shop wisely before making the actual purchase. There are so many brands of PE pills on the market. While choosing the right one can be quite a hustle, it is nevertheless crucial for you to approach the whole selection process with a lot of caution. Besides, you don’t want to put your health at risk.

Useful tip: Only purchase penis enlargement pills from renowned sellers/manufacturers.

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