Tips For Using A Penis Pump Safely

Penis pumps have attracted a huge following because of the safety associated with them. A good number of men who have used this type of penis enhancement device claim that it’s relatively safe. Essentially, one just needs to use the device well as instructed. Besides being safe, penis enhancement pumps are considered highly effective when it comes to helping men realise their male enhancement goals. Regardless of what your penis enhancement goals are, you will find the following safety tips extremely useful.

Can a penis pump cause any harm? Let’s not be naïve. We would rather be made aware of the truth that hurts rather than dwell on a comforting lie. It doesn’t do us any good. In any case, it causes more harm. As such, it is imperative to understand that penis pumps can be harmful in several ways. First and foremost, some penis pumps aren’t exactly safe. It all melts down to how they are designed.

A penis pump without a release valve can be very dangerous. This is mainly because; you may end up over pumping and consequently resulting in penile damage. In the worst case scenarios, severe damage to the penile tissue can occur. It is, therefore, advisable that prospective users purpose to purchase the right penis enlargement device. Ensure to buy one that has a release valve to prevent incidences of over pumping and the subsequent risks.

Penis pumps can also be harmful under certain circumstances. For this reason, reputable manufacturers of these enhancement devices will advise you not to use one in case of the following:

  • If you are managing diabetes or even suffering from a peripheral vascular disease
  • If you are currently taking anticoagulants or a blood thinning medication
  • You typically bleed easily or a disorder of blood clotting

Failure to use the penis enhancement pump as instructed can also result in penile injuries. For instance bruising or excessive pain can occur due to inaccurate use of the penis pump. If you feel pain during a pumping session, it is advisable that you stop immediately. Of course, an unusual feeling is inevitable but you should only experience a little discomfort under normal circumstances. It is, therefore, important that you read the instructions that come with the device and then follow all of them to the latter. Besides, observing the guidelines goes a long way in helping you optimise the end results.

Consider the following safety tips during pumping:

  • A liberal amount of the right lubrication should be applied. Sensual oil offers a good seal between your male member and the penis enlargement device
  • Avoid applying excessive suction. It is quite tempting to put the penis pump on full blast especially with the urgent desire to accelerate the realisation of penile enhancement goals. Ensure to begin on a low setting as the cock gets accustomed to the penis pump. Over time, you can gradually increase the pressure.
  • Always examine your manhood to establish any signs of discolouration. Should you spot any, discontinue pumping immediately
  • Shave your pubic hair
  • To keep infections away, remember to always clean your penis pump properly
  • Warm up and cool your penis before and after the penis pumping respectively. It enhances sufficient circulation of blood in the penis area which prevents possible penis injuries.

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