Penis Enlargement Pumps Vs Penis Enhancement Pills

After extensive research, it is more than clear that not only are this penis pump is unsuccessful in terms of manhood increases, but they are very unsafe. The pump has a tube where you put your manhood in and it creates a “vacuum” around your male anatomy. When you pump it sucks blood into penis. During sexual activity penis pulls blood to the surface.

Circulation disorder:

The sensations you would feel would be very pleasant at first and you may have a larger erection. However, after a while your manhood will return to its original size. Men who are troubled with disorders of circulation mostly use penis pump. The vacuum created by the pump enables the penile skin and tissues to be stretched. This pump has a rubber ring clamps to elongate your manhood during sexual act. Once this clamp is removed the erection is lost.

Disadvantages of pump:

Using the penis pump to achieve a few inches to the girth and length of your sexual organ is sure to leave you with bruises, scars and on some occasions causes severe injury to your manhood.

  • You could get “lymph blisters” on the penile area because of the clamp.
  • All your gains are only impermanent since you are only forcing more blood into your manhood. This does not give you a thicker or longer penis or improve your sexual stamina.
  • The penile blood vessels are ruptured with use of pumps
  • After extended use of pumps you may not be able to attain a normal erection.

Penile pills:

If you are looking for a technique of enhancement that is harmless then you should opt for a combination of penile herbal pills and manhood augmentation exercises. These two methods should be used together as they complement each other. This combination has solved all your sexual problems. They help you achieve enhanced sexual desire, improved orgasm, long lasting erection and better self confidence.

Sexual Performance:

Penile enhancement pill are the best replacement of your penis pump. Pills have been created to improve all aspects of male sexual problems. Penile pills are made from herbal contents which have been used for many years. These manhood pills work to augment the size and erection hardness. It allows you to stay longer in bed and have more sexual endurance. It also increases your volume of semen giving you long-lasting more potent or stronger orgasms.

Penis enhancement pills are safe and convenient to use. Taking one pill per day will enhance your penile size, but a lot of men when use enhancement pills in combination with an exercise program reported seeing good results. The penile pills works wonders in your sex life.

If you know what they are you can soon find something that is going to help you enjoy and there are a few important things to look for:

  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Longer and thicker erections
  • Larger ejaculatory control
  • Greater sexual desire or libido

With all the above mentioned benefits the penile pills forms a most excellent replacement for penis enlargement pump method.

Combine pills with penis exercises for quicker outcome

As the craze of penis enlargement is booming people are taking more interest in understanding the various methods available to increase their penis size. With the male enhancement products market booming the companies and experts are introducing more and more new techniques and methods to improve your sexual health.

Among all the methods natural penile enlargement exercises have gained top position. Here are some the reasons for this popularity:

  • It is very easy to perform the exercises and also convenient to one and all.
  • There are no ill effects on your general wellness and also you need not have to make any change in your current lifestyle.
  • There is time and place limitation for performing the exercises.
  • With a simple introductory session you can start doing the exercises.
  • The most important thing is that you can combine other penis enlargement methods with this method.

The most popular among the penile exercises is the jelqing. In this method all you need is your hand and little concentration. The procedure goes like this:

  • Apply a suitable lubricant to your penis
  • Make a ring out of your thumb and point finger.
  • Insert your penis into that ring
  • Apply considerable pressure onto your penis by moving the ring formed by your fingers from tail of your penis to it head.
  • Repeat the procedure for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • While applying the pressure make sure that you do not apply excess pressure

With the above said procedure for the most popular penile exercises, you will be able to add up to 2 inches to your penis. There are millions of aspiring people who are practicing the procedure. Considering the ill and dangerous effects resulting from some of the methods, the experts from around the world recommend this easy and effective method of enlarging your penis.

While you make your mind to start the procedure, you can also make a note that penile exercises can also be combined with other methods like penis enhancement pills. The working principle of both i.e. natural penile exercises and the penis enhancement pills becomes similar and the combined effect would even better. With the combination you will be able to get a permanent new size for your penis. The action will be like this, while you have time you can perform the exercise and while you are busy you wear the device.

As the penis enhancement pills work on the principle of supplying vital nutrients to your body, it will also give you the same effect as that of regular natural penile exercises. The combination has proven results in solving most of your sexual disorders also. Some of the common disorders like erectile dysfunction; low sex drive problems can be effectively solved.

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